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VetsBrands produces quality veterinary products.
Our range of pet food and products has been scientifically
tested and approved by vets all over the country.



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Cutting edge evidence based nutraceuticals as an aid in the management and prevention of diseases and medical syndromes

Quality Guaranteed

At Vetsbrands, we pride ourselves on the superior quality of our pet food and products. Through the production process, our products undergo a serious of quality checks to guarantee their standard.

Measure Digestibility

Digestibility trials are done on each individual diet at an accredited Veterinarian research facility to ensure that the digestibility is of Premium and Super Premium grade. This means over 85% digestibility. Higher levels of rice and bio-available proteins ensures positive results.

Best Quality Ingredients

We strive to use the best quality ingredients, which has very high bio-availability properties. This means that ingredients should be used that is easily digestible to the specific species you are feeding, also considering the animal’s age, activity and the geographical area in which it lives.


To ensure consistency we only use reputable companies to supply us with constant raw material that is free of contamination and poor digestibility. You always have to be able to formulate a product that would be readily available to pets and their owners to avoid health issues.

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