"To many, the words love, hope and dreams are synonymous with horses."

- Author Unknown 





Acts as a nutritional aid in the prevention and retardation of degenerative joint diseases in equines. 


  1. Newest evidence based raw materials.

  2. Science based dosages of ASU (Avocado, Soybean Unsaponifiable) and H/A (Hyaluronic Acid)

  3. First product of its kind in South Africa.

  4. Proven cartilage protection for prevention of joint disease in performance equines. 

  5. Potent cartilage protection and inflammatory modulator for the management of early degenerative joint diseases. 

  6. Proven cartilage regeneration in inflamed and traumatized joints. 

Acts as a nutritional aid in the management of degenerative joint diseases in equines.


  1. Evidence based raw materials.

  2. Science based dosages. 

  3. Extremely affordable.

  4. Excellent clinical results achieved

  5. High levels of Glucosamine and GLM ensures potent anti-inflammatory effect. 

A nutritional aid that acts as an immune stimulant, pre and probiotics as well as having toxin binding and anti-oxidant action.


  1. Unique evidence based raw material combination.

  2. Ensures optimum immunity and intestinal health. 

  3. An aid in management of chronic infections and detoxing in horses.

  4. Aids in preventing enteritis and raising healthy foals.  

   Electrolyte Powder 

   Hoof Powder 

   Hoof Balm 

Electrolyte and amino-acid supplement for horses - as an aid in the prevention of dehydration in equines. 


  1. Scientifically formulated short distance palatable electrolyte.

  2. Includes essential and non-essential amino-acids. 

  3. Amino-acids improves electrolyte absorption and distribution.

  4. Ideal as a pre-transit drench.

  5. Specifically formulated for oral rehydration of horses and foals during and post enteritis. 

Acts as a nutritional aid in ensuring optimal health and preventing hoof disease. 


  1. Contains high levels of top quality bioavailable essential active ingredients (Biotin, Methionine, Zinc).

  2. Unique addition of MSM, Lysin and Beta Carotene improves efficiency. 

  3. Combines well with VetsBrands Hoof Balm to obtain ultimate hoof health. 

  4. Extremely cost-effective. 

Acts as an aid in ensuring optimal hoof health and preventing hoof diseases.   


  1. Regular use ensures growth of a healthy pliable hoof.  

  2. Prevents hoof dehydration and brittleness. 

  3. Highest quality raw materials used. 

  4. Extremely economical.

  5. Combines well with VetsBrands hoof powder to ensure optimal hoof health.   

   Electrolyte Powder 


     Performance Powder

Acts as a nutritional aid in the management of degenerative joint diseases in equines. 


  1. Contains the highest grade of maximum potency MSM available.  

  2. Anti-inflammatory effect restores mobility without further compromising joint health. 

  3. Safe to use with no side-effects.

  4. Extremely cost-effective. 

Acts as a nutritional aid in the calming of fractious horses whilst simultaneously acting as a training aid. 


  1. Contains a unique blend of evidence based synergistically acting natural anxiolitics .  

  2. A natural aid in managing over eager horses during training and eventing. 

  3. A natural travelling aid for difficult travellers.

  4. Does not reduce the competitive drive during events. 

Acts as a nutritional aid in the support of performance, health, recuperation and optimal growth in horses.


  1. Ensures that maximal physiological performance is reached during events.  

  2. Synergistic action of evidence based raw materials ensures optimal results.

  3. Regular use ensures optimal recovery time after event by reducing lactic acid build up.

  4. An aid in recovery from disease by stimulating appetite and supporting liver function.

  5. Enhances optimal growth and health in foals.

   Shine and Immune Oil 

Omega 3 and 6 oil with garlic and vitamin E to ensure a shiny healthy coat and optimal immunity. 


  1. Affordable Omega 3 & 6 oil specifically developed for equines. 

  2. Ensures optimal skin and hair health and shine. 

  3. The addition of garlic oil may aid in repelling biting insects. 

  4. Does not cause behaviour changes (''horse going hot''). 


   Summer Spray 


A wipe and spray on repellent for protection against Midges (Culicoides) mosquitos and stable flies. 


  1. Extensive GLP trials confirms exceptionally Culicoides and mosquito repellency. 

  2. Superior residual action exceeds all other repellents. 

  3. For use during spring, summer and autumn when insect activity is high. 

  4. Contains no Citronella oil - that attracts Culicoides. 

  5. Contains four highly effective mosquito and midge repellent oils. 

A herbal cooling gel that acts as an aid in inflammatory conditions in muscles and tendons. 


  1. Naturally reduces swelling and stimulates sore and inflamed muscles and tendons. 

  2. Event compatible - clinical trials done. 

  3. Bandagable formulation will not cause blistering. 

  4. Combines well with the use of MSM. 

  5. Contains no banned substances.