DR OJ Botha (Veterinarian and Founder of VetsBrands)

with his loving wife Sanna Botha. 

VetsBrands, the unique Veterinary owned and managed company, was founded by Dr Ockert Botha (BVSc) early in 2012. Dr Botha gained immense experience and knowledge via two other veterinary products and nutrition companies that he spearheaded. He however realized that to best serve the interest of equines and pets, as well as their owners, a radically new business model had to be conceptualized. VetsBrands is therefore entirely owned by a group of likeminded Veterinarians that place the welfare of their patients above all else and thereby ensures that your beloved pet is offered the best possible pet healthcare and nutrition at amazingly affordable prices. 

Quality control and product development are monitored by all the Vets involved in the company. VetsBrands do not have any outside shareholders to answer to and this assures that the wellbeing of animals will always supersede the need for outrageous profits. The VetsBrands group believe in a holistic approach to animal health. This includes the need for optimal nutrition as well as the combination of medicines and Nutraceuticals to assure optimal health and wellbeing of equines and pets. The VetsBrands range of products is sold exclusively by Veterinarians and Vet owned Vet shops. 

We believe it is critically important that a well trained professional such as our Veterinarians be the one to give scientifically based advice on the nutrition and or treatment of your horses or pets. This will ensure that all factors regarding your pets health is taken into account and that misleading or incorrect advice given by non-trained and non-qualified persons will never apply to the VetsBrands range of products.

"the dog that trots around, finds the bone '' - Golda Meir